Sons of Anarchy Season 3

Sons of Anarchy Season 3:
One of our resident botanists TV, Melissa Miller, Sons of Anarchy has prepared a kickass season 3 DVD review for you fans SOA. If you're wondering about what features are included, you should check your eye down and see what she thinks about all of the gag reel at the table read of the season.

It's September, so it means that we are just a few days after the start of the fall season and the premiere of Season 4 sons of anarchy. Before the boys get out of jail SAMCRO, I suggest you check out SOA DVD and see what went down last season. There are also many good features!

Just in case you forgot, at the end of last season, Jax and the boys returned from Belfast, where they were finally rescued his kidnapped son, Abel. Jax also struck a deal with ATF Agent Stahl, that would keep his mother from prison for the murder of his daughter and save Zobel imprisonment for a minimum of SAMCRO wards gun. Jax found out Tara was pregnant. Unser, no longer the main due to Hale, and helped to kill Jimmy and SAMCRO more troublesome Stahl. The guys also threaded over the Russian. A day in the charming, it was bloody, but it is cooked well enough. Except for an allusion to the future of the drama: Tara found a letter from John Teller to his other babymama, Maureen, who said that he felt if he had died, it would be on hand to Gemma and Clay.

So now you're caught up, let's look at the Sons of Anarchy Season 3 DVD special features.

The future starts now

This is my favorite part of the DVD (but they can also be found on Facebook SOA and iPhone / Android app). These four shorts that take place within 14 months period of the guys are in prison. Before watching season 4, I highly recommend checking these out. I've seen a few episodes of the first season 4, and these mini-episodes to shed some light on the events occurring in them, as with Russian letters and the discovery of Tara Johns. Also fun tidbit, Ryan Hurst (who plays Opie) sent two of them, "payphone" and "Mexican Basketball." If you Jax / Tara fan (who the hell not?) You should definitely see a Jax, where he met with his son, Thomas. To say that this is absolutely fascinating is an understatement. Even in those unflattering blues prison, Charlie Hunnam toss hot considering that boy. (My apologies to our readers men. I'll try to keep to a minimum of objectification Hunnam ....)

Author's Roundtable

This is exactly what it sounds like. This is Kurt Sutter and 5 writers sitting around the table answering questions, Kurt got on Twitter. (By the way - to help bring Kurt back to Twitter He is a fantastic out there, but left because of too much media attention get him in trouble when he gets to 66,666 followers, he will again premiere @ sutterink! ..) If you're like behind the scenes, and familiarity with warped minds who create these stories, you see in this series, check it out. I personally love these things - I'm a big TV Geek (obviously) and I love hearing these stories. Plus Kurt Sutter is just such a person is worth checking out. You'll also learn a few arcs that changed history, which I found interesting, though not always really amazing.

Custom Bike Build

I thought it would be just about the bikes on show, but actually on a bicycle, which was built to auction for charity - Wounded Warrior Project. They built the bike was a modern interpretation of Bobby Hurley. My personal knowledge of the inner workings of motorcycles is limited to whatever I saw on American Chopper back in the day. Thus, to be honest, much of it went over my head. Nevertheless, for all of you who do it, it's probably a fun 15 minutes later. These guys are obviously very good at what they do.They take a lot of time explaining the parts that they have chosen, the decisions they made and how it's done. Plus, as I said, it was for charity. You can not go wrong. Oh - and the bike was amazing.

Directing Finale w / Kurt Sutter

This is just a short short that puts you in the process of Kurt about how he loves to the end of each season. As the author of the roundtable is for people who are interested in what it takes to get this show done. I think Kurt Sutter endlessly fascinating, so I used to hear his thoughts. I think all of you smart enough to know what to expect from this kind of extra!

Table Reading season finale (NS)

Remember, how about 2 minutes ago I just said that the mini-episodes of my beloved? Total lie. This is my favorite. It's not often you get to sit and watch something like this. If you do not know that the table reading - a kind of rehearsal, they make for a TV show. Before shooting, er, they sit down and read the script (as the name would indicate), just to get a sense of dialogue and story. You also get the opportunity to hear all the notes scenario - a movement which is written, thought the characters should have. A lot of the show is shown in the corner, so you can recall about the actual episode. If you have 45 minutes to invest in feature - I recommend it.

Gag Reel

Gag reel ... just kidding. You know what it is - actors screwing up. Or in the case of one scene, chic makeup screwing up. I particularly like each bit with Kate Segal (Gemma) and Ally Walker (Agent Stahl), because those girls are, of course, giggly. And really - is not it more, we always want to, regardless of the DVD?

Deleted scenes

Each disc has some deleted scenes for an episode on it. If you have time, I tell them to watch. I have discovered that SOA deleted scenes are more interesting than many deleted scenes I've seen on other DVD-ROM drive. The reason is that, unlike those films tend to reduce the time and not for content. When the scene got to drive, this means Kurt felt it was worth a look. They do not always have something significant to them, and some offer additional insight into the characters. And SAMCRO never bad.

Fox Movie Channel Presents World Premiere: SOA Season 3

This is a short that aired on Fox Movie Channel premiere of the party for Season 3 last year. Tava Smiley is organized, which I found funny, because she used to be on General Hospital. (Bet you never thought that would be shouting GH in this article!) There are some funny interviews, including Charlie spoke with his real accent, which is just damn cute.

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