Ronnie Brown to Dolphins

Ronnie Brown to Dolphins
Miami Dolphins used the second round to choose, to select Daniel Thomas and made a trade with the New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush get. You put these two pieces of information together and it is likely that Ronnie Brown will find a new home in 2011.

During a game at Kansas State University Wildcats, Thomas torched opposing defenses on the amount of about 1,600 years in his final season. He scored 19 rushing touchdown in 2010 and a total of 35 during his three seasons with the Wildcats.

Thomas will likely get the opportunity to work and run with it, pun intended. Bush has proven over the years that he has full capacity necessary for every down running back, so Thomas will have a chance to prove that he is one.

Bush, though not full time ago, certainly brings an extra dimension to any offense for which he plays. He is a fine of Backfield, as evidenced by his 294 catches in 60 games career. He is also a dynamic punt returner, with the ability to change the momentum of the game in a heartbeat.

The third running back Lex Hilliard could work at a short yards responsibilities season wears on, completing the Backfield for dolphins. There just does not seem to be plenty of room for Brown, even if we propose to return to the "hometown discount" as the other offers fall through.

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