Lindsay Buziak

Lindsay Buziak

The unsolved 2008 murder of Victoria real estate agent Lindsay Buziak will be examined before a huge North America-wide audience Friday night on Dateline NBC, a televised newsmagazine that draws up to 11 million viewers each week.

Buziak was 24 when she was stabbed to death at a Gordon Head home, where she had been lured by a man and a woman claiming to be prospective buyers. Saanich police believe the pair to be contract killers, but have not been able to determine why she was targeted.

Buziak's body was found by her boyfriend, Jason Zailo, 15 minutes after her death.

Saanich police Sgt. Dean Jantzen said the department fully expects the NBC program to bring in tips from viewers.

"We are told in talking to the producers that it will generate tips for us. The numbers, we feel, will be in the hundreds and that is typical of past productions."

Officers are ready for whatever response the show generates, Jantzen said.

"It will be monitored by our detectives. Each and every tip will be acted upon."

He said Saanich police worked with Dateline when the opportunity arose because it was a chance to have the Buziak case presented to more people.

"Our detectives came up against a wall, and decisions were made to move forward with the Dateline production."

The department hopes the show will make a difference, Jantzen said.

"It brings 11 million viewers to the table so it does open up a much-wider audience than just us in southern B.C. and on the Island.

"We want as many people to see this as possible. It doesn't matter to our detectives where you live. We don't know, it could be international for that matter."

Saanich police are dedicated to solving the case, Jantzen said.

"Our detectives feel that there are people out there who know much more than has been shared. We just are looking for the one call that will help send our detectives in the right direction."

Jeff Buziak, Lindsay's father, has expressed frustration that the case remains unsolved. He said last month that he and a private investigator, along with others, have come up with five suspects, and passed their information to police.

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