Travis Pastrana

Travis Pastrana:

On New Year’s Eve,Daredevil Travis Pastrana set a new world record. He set a record for the longest jump in car rally by breaking the previous record of Ken Block. Ken set the record in November 2006. In front of a live television audience his record breaker performance was a stunt for thelatest in Red Bull’s New Year, No Limits series.

The executives from Red Bull asked all the action sport stars to come up with some concepts such as record breaking in the start of last year. Pastrana jumped over 270 feet over open water and landed on a barge floating 200 feet off the Long Beach pier, flew into the tire wall and then jumped from the car to celebrate with the people and it was more then just a guy jumping a car.

Pastrana is nine-time X Games gold medalist and he jumped from the car without any injury and it was really stunning. Travis Alan Pastrana born on October 8, 1983. He is a”Motorsports” competitor and a “Stunt performer” and he has won many championships and gold medals.

In 2006 it was announced that Subaru Rally Team USA had plans of his entry in 2007 to 2009 certain “World Rally Championship”. In 2009 season he came back in domestic competitions and won five times out of eight events in Rally America.

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