The most talked about scene of the 2002 erotic thriller Swimfan is pool scene. Ben – Jesse Bradford is in the swimming in the pool practicing to participate in a major swimming competition, Madison Bell – Erika Christensen lowers in the swimming pool from the other end wearing a two piece. She starts swimming towards Ben and corners him.

Ben is overcome with the emotions and makes love with Madison Bell. If Ben thought that, that would be a ‘one night stand’ he couldn’t have been more wrong. Madison Bell is hell bent to take it to the end, she is not at all ready to let Ben go at any cost. The scene sets the whole pitch of the Swimfan movie.

Swimfan story is not new and a few would even think the movies as boring to death. The main theme of the film is that of Fatal Attractions; however this time the fatal attraction is between college teenagers.

Ben has get past his drugs problem and is aspiring Olympic swimmer. Ben has put his life on track and is not only doing well in swimming but also enjoys a very good relationship with his girlfriend. Until ……Madison Bell comes to town. Ben is her love at first sight.

Swimfan takes a turn towards horror movie as Ben make love with Madison. She starts chasing him everywhere even after Ben has told that he has nothing to with her.

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