Rudy Reyes

Rudy Reyes:

HBO has produced a TV series “Generation Kill” based on a book written by Evan Wright describing the Military History of United States, mostly the experience of the author (since he is a Rolling Stone journalist).

He describes his life with the US marines on their mission to Iraq during the 2003 assault. He elaborates his real experiences while he was in danger and he wrote about everyone in the battalion whom he was with from lower rank to higher rank. But most of his interaction was with the six marines namely Brad Colberg, Rudy Reyes, Nathaniel Fick, Antonio Espera, Ray Person and James Trombley. The book was published in 2004.

The TV series by HBO was produced in South Africa, and was on-aired in 2008. Rudy Reyes (a real marine who was on the first unit sent to Iraq on mission) played the lead role and critics have liked his performance.

Rudy Reyes has a positive influence on all the team members and he is driving force not even on the real grounds but also on the series getting everything done from script to acting. This was the first appearance of Rudy Reyes on TV and this has started his acting career.

He has over 30 years experience of training himself in mind, body and spirit and he believe in fitness program in ever discipline of life. He says, “If I can be more in my body I can be more in my life”. Truly Rudy Reyes is a living example of extreme pride on earth with a great career altogether.

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