Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber:

Justin Bieber, the 15 year old pop sensation from Canada, has died following a gunshot wound sustained during a late night altercation in west Manhattan.

Detectives say Bieber and his alleged girlfriend Selena Gomez attempted to enter a New York City nightclub with fake IDs but were recognized by several patrons. Witnesses claim Bieber was belligerent and threatened to shoot one of the bouncers.

Justin subsequently reached into his coat pocket and withdrew what the NYPD has claimed to be a small .25 caliber pistol. James Rodriguez, an on duty police officer at the scene, responded by shooting Bieber once in the head. It was later determined that Beiber's handgun was errantly loaded with .22 caliber ammunition.

Paramedics arrived on scene shortly after the shooting but were unable to resuscitate Bieber, who was pronounced dead shortly before 11pm EST. The area surrounding Larry Flynt's Hustler Club on Manhattan's West 51st street has been closed off and witnesses are being questioned as the investigation into this tragic event continues.

No statement has been released by Bieber's family or publicist, and no one else was injured during the altercation. Although toxicology reports have not yet been issued, several tablets of the prescription drug Dilauded were found on Gomez' person and it is speculated that both her and Bieber were intoxicated.

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