Jake the Bachelor

Jake the Bachelor:

It’s that time of year again! Only this time when they say fasten your seatbelt, they literally mean fasten your seat belts. The newest Bachelor is a Texas pilot who should double as a model.

It’s safe to assume Jake Pavelka will be breaking hearts left and right. Just as most of the other Bachelors, Pavelka was once in the shoes of being broken hearted after he was axed last year by Bachelorette Jillian Harris for being “too perfect!” Is there even such a thing? But I do have to give it to Harris for being able to pull off a Forever 21 shirt with a couture belt. She always looked so put together and stylish.

Just as Harris, this 31-year-old pilot will be dressed by the show’s long time stylist, Cary Fetman. If only I was the one being dressed by the one who dressed Oprah and Sarah Jessica Parker, my life would be complete!

Stylists have the power to make even Joan Rivers look like a 10 thanks to many elements. With hair, make-up, the best lighting and Fetman by one’s side, miracles are easily performed.

With eight separate rose ceremonies comes eight completely different outfits. And by outfits, I mean the works- suits, ties, shoes, even socks. When Jake isn’t dressed to the nine, Fetman will have him in leather coats, jeans and T-shirts, aiming for a more casual and outdoorsy feel. This only means there will be at least eight times this Bachelor season I will be left drooling over Jake, and kicking myself for not being the first to sign up for a shot at love with this “too perfect” pilot.

And I think it will shock everyone to hear that the 25 hopeful women dress themselves. Fetman only gives his opinion when the women arrive, urging them not to wear things that will look terrible to the thousands of people watching on television every Monday night. The longtime stylist doesn't get involved with the women’s outfits until the last two need formal dresses for the finale. Crazy, I know!

If anyone knows if there is a way to apply very, very last minute for “The Bachelor”, I beg you to let me know. I realize they’re probably already done with taping, but maybe there could be a Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft and Molly Malaney Part II!

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