Dream Home 2010 Dream Home 2010:

Let’s rush to the magnificent gift of the year; the annual “ Dream Home Giveaway 2010” is on now. has started it for January 2010 to 19 February 2010. Now you have a chance to win a luxury home in New Mexico. The home which has offered to the customers is really splendid; it is located in Sandia Mountains, Mexico. is offering you a Grand Prize of $2 Million which includes a latest 2010 “GMC Territory” and $500,000 to a lucky viewer. All the entries are accepted from the first day of 2010 till the 19 February 2010.

This marvelous Home Giveaway offer has been started from 1 January 2010, on a special television show with the annual prize for 2010 which is a 3900 square foot typical Central-American designed home in an outstanding city, New Mexico. Mr. Jim Samples, who is the working President of told that in the last 14 years, this is the very first time when we have launched Dream Home Giveaway in Florida, Texas, California, Georgia, Colorado and in some other states. He also added that we are very much happy to project it in such a beautiful south-western area.

The has offered is really of unique quality, there three automobile garages, a special Playhouse for children where kids can entertain and play within the home. It also has a professionally built office in it. There is also a gorgeous guest house in it. The fabulous home also includes two American style wash rooms and three bedrooms. This unique home is built Solar-powered so that the resident can enjoy the natural pleasures of desert climate and mountains atmosphere.

On a special television show, the planner of the home Mr. Jack Thomasson, the show host and designer Monica Pedersen, and Linda Woodrum who is an interior designer helped people to have visual visit of the home. On March 15, at 8 p.m, you may check the lucky guy of this Giveaway during “Dream Home Giveaway 2010.”

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