Haiti Earthquake Info

Haiti Earthquake Info:

As per latest Haiti earthquake info, the number of casualties in Haiti is increasing at a very high rate. The death toll is expected to rise up to hundred thousands, which will be the highest death toll in a natural disaster. The devastating earthquake has shaken the whole of Haiti and its surroundings.

The shocks of earthquake were so strong that it turned the capital city into debris. The high rise buildings collapsed in seconds and became a dump of rubble. Every here and there dead bodies are lying. Under the wreckage of the buildings, there are human beings who have yet gone to eternal sleep.

It is a reality that nature, some times, becomes so furious that it turns the life of hundreds of thousands into death within seconds and no one can stand against it. The man has progressed a lot, but it can no way protect himself against the disasters of nature. When God wishes to destroy some city or country, no human effort can save it from the fury of God. Let us pray to Almighty Allah that He forgives our sins and send blessings on us.

The recent Haiti earthquake info tells us that after shocks of the earthquake have further shocked the situation and the death toll has been increased many times than with the first shocks of the earthquake.

The initial Haiti earthquake info speaks that the people of Haiti, who have survived the disastrous earthquake, are in dire need of immediate help.

The recent reports show that so far a large number of countries have immediately announced aid packages for the earthquake hit people of Haiti. International Donor Agencies have also come forward to help out the victims in order to provide them shelter, food, medicine etc.

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