Cool and the Gang

Cool and the Gang:

Cool and the Gang or Kool and the Gang, will only mean one thing. It means entertainment! I have watched their video which I included in this post in the link below. It was totally entertaining. You gotta watch it!

No record store here has ever sold their music, and before Sunday, no one in the country had ever seen the band live. Yet for decades Cubans have loved Kool and the Gang, seemingly unconditionally.

Cuba filmmaker Gloria Rolando said the band’s funky sound provided the soundtrack for her generation’s coming of age in the late 1960s and 1970s.

And even though there was a brief period in the 1960s when the communist government outright banned American music and frowned on it during the subsequent decade when it was rarely heard on government airwaves, Rolando remembers K&G’s music “playing everywhere.”

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