BCS Streaker

BCS Streaker:

The Streaker of the 2010 BCS National Championship

He appeared quickly.

Just as quickly he was gone.

This year’s BCS National championship game featured something extra at the beginning of the third quarter.

The incident was invisible to the national television audience, but ticket holders got a little more then they bargained for.

The masked man appearing entirely in mustard-yellow gained more offensive yards on one attempt then the entire Texas offense in the first half.

In what seemed to be a cry for help, the large man pranced onto the field in no more then a mustard yellow skin tight shirt and black underwear in an attempt to gain some notoriety.

The third quarter incident included multiple ’spiderman’ poses along the 50 yard line, his mustard yellow colored legs could be seen frolicking near the Alabama secondary.

The masked streaker gained 25 yards on one rushing attempt before being quickly subdued by the Rose Bowl security team upon his belly.

The security team showed a lackluster effort allowing the masked villain to scramble around the field for over a minute, mixing in a few artistic poses during the process.

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