Worm Grunting

Worm grunting also known as “worm charming” or “worm fiddling” are methods of attracting worms from the ground. This is done usually to collect worms as bait for fishing.

There are many worm grunters back in 1960s to 1970s as hundreds of people make it for living and sell worms for fishing bait. Nowadays, worm grunting is very rare.

Mystery Solved:
Many are wondering why would worm come upwards from the ground instead of going to other directions? Presumably, worm come up from the soil if there’s rain to keep drowning from the soil.

To date, worm grunting is consider the dirtiest job in the world. But considering that worm looks dirty, worms are really not that dirty. There are people who eats live worms just to keep their stomach full.

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