Wendy Maldonado

Wendy Maldonado:

HBO’s “Every ….Day of My Life” is a documentary which went on air on Monday night at 10. HBO is entering in to more dynamic and proactive ventures which include this documentary.

It covers the story of a woman Wendy Maldonado who killed her husband by hitting his head with a hammer. The court had sentenced her 10 years in prison. Although HBO has remained unbiased and did not take sides yet it portrayed the murderer of her husband as the victim of domestic violence. The documentary has also placed a question mark on the value of “natural justice” which seems lacking in the current penal laws.

The documentary described how she made her catharsis of the “accumulated frustration” as a result of utter physical and psychological brutality of her husband on her and her children. The law of “common sense” and natural justice couldn’t come to help her who, perhaps, acted in self-defense to save her life and her children. The documentary was

made at her home when she was allowed to spend days with her children during their spring break. The court had released her on bail after her conviction in 2006 and this opportunity was grabbed by the Channel. The documentary highlights the cruel behavior of the husband. Wendy as well as her sons told how their father used to torture her mother and showed the horrible holes in her face as a sign of his tortures.

She told that she released her frustration which piled up for twenty years and then she became uncontrollable. Responding to a question why she didn’t seek help of the law, she told that the immediate threat to her and her children didn’t allow her to do that.

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