Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh:

Conservative Radio Talk Show Host Rush Limbaugh is in the hospital in Hawaii in serious condition according to Rush, 58, was taken to to Queens Medical Center from the Kahala Hotel complaining of chest pains.

According to TMZ the hotel took great pains to keep the matter quiet and took him out of the venue via a back exit of the resort.

Rush Limbaugh has had a history of health problems from addition to pain killers to his weight.

According to KITV in Honolulu, Rush Limbaugh said he was taking medicine for back pain. He was sitting in a chair in his ninth-floor hotel room when the Kahala Hotel emergency team arrived to help him. He will remain in the hospital Wednesday night. Reportedly, his closest friends and associates are at his bedside.

Limbaugh was seen golfing at the Waialae Country Club next to his hotel earlier in the week.

Twitter users, Gawker happy; I am not

A number of people on Twitter and at Gawker were happy over this news of Rush's serious condition, but I've got to say that's clasless. I disagree with him on political and social issues, but I want him to enjoy a full life, not pass on that way. I don't think people show the best of themselves when they want harm to come to someone just for their conservative or liberal views.

Sledgege2 RT @mrdaveyd: Wow Rush Limbaugh in the hospital? People at the restaurant I'm at just cheered at the news.. Somebody yelled I hope he dies half a minute ago from web

What I like about Rush is his business accumen. He has amassed a listenership of 20 million and has a contract with Clear Channel valued at $400 million. That's a standard that anyone in media should want to achieve, even if they don't agree with how he did it.

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