Preston Castle

Preston Castle:

Preston Castle” which is also well known as the “Preston School of Industry”, is one of the famous and oldest revolutionize schools in the country. It is situated in Amador County in Ione (California). This school was started in the month of June 1894 when seven offenders were moved from the State Prison of San Quentin to the town. The building of the institution is originally famous as “Preston Castle”.

This building is the very important example in the “Mother Lode” of the architecture of “Romanesque Revival”. New building was constructed in 1960 shortly after when it was vacated. “California Historical Landmark” was the name which was given to this vacant building and it is also included in the list of “National Register of Historic Places”.

The name of this building “Preston Castle” has also been used in several television programs and movies like “Dragnet”. Official name of the institution was changed in 1999 to “Preston Youth Correctional Facility” but most of the local people that are residing in the state still refer it and call it with its original name. First and third weekends (Saturdays) are offered to visit the building of “Preston Castle” from 10 am to 2 pm.

Reservation is not a necessary part to visit the building. Responsibility of the building has been taken by “The Preston Castle Foundation” who is also involved in its restoration process. Eddie Bunker, one of the seven wards of “Preston Castle” is also known as the successful actor and author who have written several books like “No Beast So Fierce” and “Animal Factory”.

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