Note From Santa

Note From Santa:

This is a story about Santa Claus -- and the dreaded dead reckoning when your kid asks: "Is there really a Santa Claus?"
For all those who have faced such an inquiry, I have a story -- and an update.
Pay attention.

Back in 1997, I wrote a Santa story about an old pal named Steve Crews, who had a son named Sam.
It seemed Sam had learned "the truth" about Santa Claus . . . right before the big night.
Steve was very worried about how his son was feeling about this new turn in his life.

So, on Christmas morning, Sam found a note from "Santa."

The note -- actually written by Sam's loving and concerned dad -- struck a chord in the Christmas hearts of many Sneed readers, who tacked it on their refrigerator, grabbed a hanky and read the note to their children.
So before we get to the ending, let's begin at the beginning with Santa's first letter to Sam, which was written more than a dozen years ago by Steve Crews, director of executive communications at The Harbinger Group, a PR agency -- who is also a former newspaper reporter, advertising whiz, brilliant wordsmith and master storyteller.

Dear Sam,
Your dad stayed up last night to tell me that you now know as much about me as I do about you.
Well, good. I'm glad you asked.

And don't worry, no child ever really leaves me. Ask your mom. Ask your dad.
They know I don't live in the North Pole (too cold). They know I don't ride in a sleigh (too dangerous). Still, they love me, and so will you, even 50 years from now.

Oh, and what do you think happened last night just as you were asking about me?
Why, a baby was born out in Kalispell, Montana.

That's right, just as you were putting aside your belief, a brand-new child was born who can put it to good use.

So long as that keeps happening, I'll never be out of a job.

Sam, I want to wish you a wonderful life. If you don't mind, I will continue to drop by on future Christmases, just to make sure you're OK.
Love, Santa
P.S. -- Remember, you don't have to believe in me to know I am there.
Now, put away the hanky, and take a bite of cookie. The following is an update from Steve . . . er, Santa, written a week ago.

Dear Michael,

I am in receipt of your letter and am happy to report that Sam and his dad remain in good cheer.
With time flying faster than my sleigh, Sam is graduating from college this year, and Steve . . . well, Steve is grayer but merrier for having made his son's last tuition payment.
Unfortunately, not all the news is good. 

With each passing year, children are surrendering their belief in my giving spirit at an ever younger age.

I see it in the way they tear open their presents. In too many cases, wonder and delight has been supplanted by what I can only describe as hunger. 

Joy has become conditional on having received specifically what was demanded.
The good news is that my spirit is eternal, and truth will always be true. Despite how it sometimes appears, Givers are happier and stronger than Takers.

The Givers will prevail, and I will continue to drop by each year to gladden their hearts.

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