Earthquake California

Earthquake California:

On Wednesday morning, a very strong jolt of earth quack was realized in California. A very powerful earth Quack hit California. It hits the Baja California – Mexico border at 10:49am. The magnitude of the earthquake was 5.9. Aftershocks of magnitude of 4.9 were also realized after the earthquake.

The epicenter of the earthquake was in Mexico. It was hit about 25 miles southwest of El Centro, California. On the Richter scale the magnitude of the earthquake was of magnitude 5.9. The aftershocks were also realized after the earthquake of magnitude 5.9. The magnitudes of the after shocks were 4.9. The aftershocks were experience soon after few minutes of the major earthquake.

Tsunami warning was not issued after the earthquake. The magnitude was not high enough for the tsunami warning. The West Coast and Alaska Warning Centre said that no tsunami was expected after the earthquake.

The earthquake of higher magnitude can create tsunami. The magnitude of 5.9 was not enough to make tsunami so no warning issue after the earthquake.

The main and good thing is this that no causalities are reported yet. There were also some jolts of earthquake experienced in California in this week. Let’s hope that no more earthquakes hit this part of land.

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