Chris Snee

Chris Snee:

As the New York Giants got ready to take on the Philadelphia Eagles, question marks were placed on the status of two key players in the Giants’ enclosure; Michael Johnson (playing short safety) and Chris Snee (playing right guard).

The Giants’ safety was out with an injury to the groin region while the brawny and beefy Chris Snee was dealing with a hyper flexed knee grievance. Snee suffered the blow against the Dallas Cowboys. Even though the Giants triumphed at the occasion, it still left head Coach Tom Coughlin having to make some serious calculations and decisions on how his two defensive unit members could get back in shape. Of course he would not want them to be pushed beyond their limit, but he knew how badly he needed them against the Eagles.

As a backup, Ahmad Bradshaw (halfback position) and the experienced Kevin Boothe were to place Johnson and Snee respectively. Although Bradshaw has been part of some action, Kevin Boothe has not been seen in the starting lineup for 3 years since he last appeared in the game against the Oakland Raiders.

Chris Snee, who is also married to head Coach Tom Coughlin’s daughter, preferred to let the medical experts and the team management speak on his behalf as he did not indulge into the injury related issues when speaking to media personnel.

Never the less, much to the relief of Giants’ fans, both Snee and Johnson were seen out in the field during practice sessions. Though he wasn’t part of the strenuous exercises, Snee was still active with routine workouts.

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