Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen:

Besides not having an ounce of real talent, Bruce Springsteen, who recently received a Kennedy Center Honor from Barack "Hussein" Obama, do have a lot of other things in common. For one thing, they both hate police officers.

In 2000, Bruce Springsteen tried hard to save his dying career by coming up with the song "American Skin," which became the biggest anti-cop stunt since "Cop Killer" by Ice-T. The NYPD even called for a boycott of his concerts. In 2008, Obama called the Cambridge Police Department "stupid" because they arrested an arrogant professor who just happened to be Black.

Watching Bruce Springsteen is like watching a train wreck. He hops on stage, bends over, and shows the look of awful constipation. He then "sings" like somebody is sticking a knife down his throat. He pretends to be the working class hero, but sells his albums exclusively at Wal-mart. But his biggest crime is his juvenile songwriting full of liberal clich├ęs. The liberal media praises him to death even though he lacks even an ounce of musical talent.

Barack "Hussein" Obama is very similar in that he is considered (or was considered) a saint by the liberal media because he pretends to care about the "working class" people, but is really just out for himself. Like Springsteen, he talks about the importance of integration but sends his kids to private schools.

Integrity is needed in our country. Political figures such as Barack Obama and rock stars such as Bruce Springsteen do nothing but add to the moral and cultural demise of our country.

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