Brittany Murphy Death Hoax

Brittany Murphy Death Hoax:

Brittany Murphy death hoax isn’t a hoax! In the world of celebrity death hoaxes such as “Miley Cyrus Dead” and “Lil Wayne Murdered” which usually surface on a Sunday afternoon, the headlines “Brittany Murphy dies!” were actually legit. OF course, I knew it was legit because I heard the news first while watching CNN.

While it’s not certain why celebrity death hoaxes fly around Twitter, they can be somewhat damaging. In the first hours of the news of the actresses death, I am almost certain that there were bloggers already hitting on the “hoax” angle.

I only wish that they were right.

The sad thing is that Perez Hilton actually predicted the “Clueless” star’s death a couple of weeks before it happened on the AJ in the Morning Radio show. If there’s anything that’s really strange about the whole scenario, it’s that someone actually predicted this would happen.

How do the death hoaxes begin? A prankster will set up a Web site that looks like a credible news source. Then, concerned fans will eat up the news and shoot it all over the Internet.

Believe it or not, celebrity death hoaxes began before the days of the Internet. In 1968 “Paul McCartney Dead” rumors flew through the US and Great Britain, although news traveled far slower than it does now. The earliest victims of these types of rumors were actually Benjamin Franklin and Jonathan Swift.

Brittany Murphy was announced dead on arrival at the Cedar-Sinai medical center in California yesterday. An autopsy is pending.

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December 22, 2009 at 2:53 PM

I'm so sad. I love her especially in her movie just married.