Brittany Murphy and Jimmy Sullivan

Brittany Murphy and Jimmy Sullivan:

Brittany Murphy and Jimmy Sullivan “The Rev” of the band Avenged Sevenfold have become the latest celebrity deaths.  Both were said to have died from natural causes and investigations are ongoing in both cases.  Brittany Murphy’s death certificate was released today and an autopsy is underway for Jimmy Sullivan.  The cause of death in both cases is pending.

Brittany Murphy was rumored to be anorexic and many have stated that they felt she was using cocaine.  Jimmy Sullivan has also been rumored to have had a drug addiction.  Natural causes conjures up images of someone quietly passing away, without any underlying cause or condition, however, the term is often used to indicate that there was no evidence of foul play.  Drug overdoses are often considered at first response to be natural causes.

An autopsy is underway for Jimmy Sullivan and results from Brittany Murphy’s autopsy came back normal.  Her cause of death has been deferred until further testing is completed.  Brittany Murphy was 32 years old and Jimmy Sullivan was 28.

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