Brett Wallace

Brett Wallace:

Two big-time MLB prospects were involved in a trade between the A's and Blue Jays today and we'll tell you about Brett Wallace and Michael Taylor.

The Brett Wallace for Michael Taylor MLB trade looks like a sure thing as soon as the Roy Halladay/Cliff Lee trade goes though. As part of that deal, the Toronto Blue Jays are receiving outfielder Michael Taylor from the Phillies but don’t expect the 23-year old to hang around Canada for long.

Toronto plans to ship Taylor to the Oakland A’s for third baseman Brett Wallace. Wallace is another super prospect who is also 23 years old.

Both Brett Wallace and Michael Taylor are guys that project to .300 MLB hitters that should pack some pop. I’ve seen some projections for these two MLB players putting them at 20-35 home runs once they reach their potential.

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These two prospects are ranked fairly close in terms of potential production so it appears that the Blue Jays and A’s made this trade because of their positions and not because of estimated value. It’s always sketchy to deal with Oakland considering the amount of great trades they’ve made over the years but Brett Wallace looks like a pretty sure thing at this point in his career.

Oakland acquired Wallace in the Matt Holliday trade with the Cardinals last year and it looks like Brett will be headed back to the team that originally drafted him in the 42nd round in 2005. Taylor has made huge strides since relearning his swing after leaving Stanford and projects to be a better fielder than Wallace.

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