Boyz II Men

Boyz II Men:

Boyz II Men, the best selling male R&B group of all time, performed during the season finale of Sing Off. Many were left scrating their heads though, wondering, what happened to the fourth member of Boyz II Men?

Sing Off judge Shawn Stockman and his fellow Boyz II Men members Nathan Morris and Wanya Morris were present for an a capella performance, but Michael McCary, the group's bass singer, was nowhere to be seen.

Before I tell you why he wasn't there, let me just say this - if you were wondering where he was, you obviously haven't been paying attention to Boyz II Men for several years.

But then again, the group hasn't exactly been the center of attention in the music industry for sometime. Michael McCary left the group in 2003 due to chronic back pain from scoliosis. The group has been a trio for six years now.

All in all, there's no dramatic story to report! But then all of the Boyz II Men members were sweethearts and pretty low key, so did you really expect a heated argument to be the reason for the fourth member's absense?

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