Van Wilder Freshman Year

Van Wilder Freshman Year:

National Lampoon's Van Wilder: Freshman Year is the third movie in the Van Wilder series, following National Lampoon's Van Wilder and National Lampoon's Van Wilder: The Rise of Taj. Freshman Year is a prequel to the first film. It was released straight to DVD in 2009. Jonathan Bennett, Kristin Cavallari, Jerry Shea, and Steve Talley star. Harvey Glazer directs. Throughout July 19, 2009 to July 25, 2009 the film was iTunes' number one film.


Van Wilder (Jonathan Bennett) has graduated from high school. He’s supposed to go on a trip to Amsterdam with his dad (Linden Ashby), but his dad is busy with work. Van ends up going to Coolidge because it’s a family tradition. His family has their name on a building there, Wilder Hall. However, when he gets there, Coolidge is no longer the fun loving school of his dad’s time, but a military based institution run by Dean Reardon (Kurt Fuller). Reardon, a military man who hates the senior Wilder, wants to make the younger Wilder’s life miserable. He can’t force him out because his dad is rich and has ties to the school, so he tries to make Van’s life a living hell.

Van turns a one bedroom dorm into a two bedroom (by breaking down a wall). His roommate is Farley (Nestor Aaron Absera), a pothead from Jamaica. The boys decide to throw a party on campus, something not allowed. Neither is kissing, drugs, booze, sex, or anything else that’s ‘fun.’ The only person to show up is Yu Dum Fok (Jerry Shea).

The boys try to find the girls, but they just find some religious, prudish girls led by Eve (Meredith Giangrande). After she throws blood on them, Van decides to get inventive in church, causing these chaste girls to learn how powerful the “O” really is. Van, Farley and Yu go vibrator hunting on campus which leads to about several dozen of them being found among the bedrooms and bathrooms of the horny girl's dorm house. Van then positions the vibrators strapped under the DICK girl's chairs and activates them to start the biggest orgy ever. Reardon knows Van is behind the prank. He sics his lap dogs, ROTC student, Dirk (Steve Talley) and his closeted sidekick Corporal Benedict (Nic Nac), on Van, wanting to make him crack.

Van falls for Dirk’s girlfriend, Kaitlin (Kristin Cavallari), and Dirk doesn’t like that much. Kaitlin thinks, lives, and breathes the military, and believes in chastity before marriage. Of course, Van has to shake things up and he gets the girl.

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