V Episode 4

V Episode 4:

V's first season is moving right along. At the end of last week's episode, we saw four join together to start some type of resistance movement. It has to start small, but I'm sure once the season progresses, things will only grow. The episode opens up where last week ends with the first meeting. Erica is suspicious of their new edition to their effort. She has every right to be though because the man is a V. He won't say that to the two they are joining.

George already knows. His plan is to kidnap a V and expose them for what they are underneath. Ryan, the V, is against this plan, and he makes this clear to George. After the meeting, Erica tries to find out more about this new man in her life, but she comes up empty. This all happens while her son is trying to talk to her about his new friend, Lisa.

When she can't focus on him for a few minutes, he gets tired of the wait and leaves. He then goes to see his therapist, and he tells her all that he is feeling about the V. Turns out his therapist is also Ryan's girlfriend, and she is suffering from a heart ailment. Tyler offers to get her into one of the new healing centers that have just opened up.

The V are offering a new shot, something they calling a vitamin that is supposed to help the human race with a number of diseases. The therapist might be helped with her own condition. The V are angered by the death of one of their own on board their own ship, and a search is underway, but Anna is also ready to meet Tyler. This could be dangerous for the young man.

Meanwhile in the healing centers, Chad is shown just what the V are capable of doing when they heal a girl with a burn. He tries to learn more while there, but he kept on a very tight leash. The four move forward with some kind of plan to get a V, but it goes terribly wrong as George is shot and the V kills himself.

However, this plan reveals Ryan's identity to Erica. Jack takes care of George while Ryan tells Erica more about the V. While on board the mother ship, Anna is set on finding the traitor on board. One steps forward to take the blame, and he is set to be skinned. She asks his friend and fellow column member to do it. He does this while Anna makes friends with Tyler, showing him the engine room of the ship, and this amazes him. She says he is the first human to see it.

The crew working as the resistance finds what Anna is doing. She is planning to infect people using the flu vaccine that is going to go out the next day. They find the shipment and make plans to destroy, but not before they are found. They do manage to fight and destroy the shipment. However, Ryan has another problem on his hands.

His girlfriend is pregnant. The first V human baby? The first of many possibly. And here I was thinking we would have a baby made between Tyler and Lisa. At the end of the episode we see Jack attacked by a Visitor, and Tyler not yet home from his trip on board the V ship. He did leave his mother a note.

This might only be the beginning, but we will have a bit of a wait before the next V episode. The series is going on a hiatus til March. That is when we will see the remaining episodes of this season. We do see something though.

The twenty-nine ships on the planet are only but a few of the many waiting out in space. Check out below for a couple of scenes from tonight's episode titled It Is Only The Beginning.


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