Tyray Miller

Tyray Miller:

Tyray Miller brings his women on his Website. Showing his party life with his women seems to be Tyray Miller’s hobby now. First he invites them and later the fun moments are all over his Website. Love or hate it, plenty of his women are underwatch, some clothed while some naked! Details of his Website were there on ABC tonight.

Details of Tyray Miller’s website were profiled on ABC tonight. If you are a woman on Tyray Miller’s website, Miller has no reported apology for you.

A well recognized personality Tyray Miller is known for years for the rolling cameras he carried with everywhere he went. He’s got a cable access show as well as a Website of his own that’s engaged in covering and preserving his party life. Tyray Miller is not new to women especially; there are plenty of women that are regretting the moment they met him.

Just ask his ‘victims’ what they feel about Tyray Miller and you may end up with replies such as “He just violated me,” “He took me for granted,” Oh Tyray Miller, he just ruined my life” etc. Whereas Tyray has a different reply and a different perspective about the allegations. He says that each shot he takes, the women are aware of it and they rather do it all willingly.

Miller adds that all the women he had filmed or photographed so far, knew exactly what and why they were doing? There has never been any hidden camera or secret recording the girls would have claimed to be unaware of. The girls knew their purpose well whenever they got filmed and videotaped at my place or anywhere else. In other words; all the females appearing on Miller’s Website come under the category of ‘willing participants.’

Women continue to claim Miller persuaded them, used them or ruined them but Miller maintains his concept. One of his so called victims a female doctor, even had him arrested once for the same acts. However, the duo ended up with a court settlement. Most of his victims strongly believe that its all calculated and somehow or the other, Miller takes wrong advantages.

Now the women like it or not, plenty of their secret fun moments are aired by Miller so they are all under constant watch from now on. There is a warning for every participant that anyone can have access to their dirty secrets any time, all over the world.

credit: http://news.about-knowledge.com

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November 27, 2009 at 12:41 AM

PLease see the entire interview, Action News was too afraid to air http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NnTfcrsXvXQ