A relatively unknown site called is being the whole buzz of web search since the last few hours. At first look, it seems weirdly biased when it comes to do it claimed job of providing the hottest trends on Twitter! Here is why.

While checking the trend of today, I came across – As curious as I am I first wanted to see what it is since I never visited it before. The site claim that it lists everything that is trendy on Twitter right now. It offers different section such as news, images, videos and also browse by country. (It can also be possible that only me who didn’t know about this website).

However IMO it is completely biased in the way that almost the same blogs appear in its results. That is only Mashable and the like of it. For the photos, I see only Tweetphoto results. So either the whole world is reading only Mashable and its alike and the other websites of the world are so dumb or this site’s result is very biased and for promotion of some sites only.

I can’t really figure out why everyone is looking for it today. Maybe some popcorn star as usual mentioned about it, but it be good if the site actually list trending topics based on results from all websites (like search engine) rather than being the promobooster boy for some already known sites. If we have to read mashable, we would type on our browser and visit it!


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