Taylor Lautner Workout

Taylor Lautner Workout:

Taylor Lautner ruling the “New Moon” movie with his charm & warmth as Jocob, and his own hard earned eight pack abs, the girls and the men alike are searching for his transition that is obvious from Twilight to New Moon.

The latest issue of the magazine ‘Men’s health’ featured Taylor Lautner talking about his workout sessions. He described how his only options were to either gain a lot of muscle power or completely lose the role of Jacob Black for the movie.

Taylor started working out nine months before the shooting for the movie started. However, that was not the only thing that contributed to his popularly searched-for-abs. The actual credit, as he says, goes to his active-athletic background and his martial experience.

During an interview, Lautner let it slip that they may start shooting for the fourth edition of the movie quite soon, with the third movie already gone in post-production stage. In response to his future workout plans for Eclipse, he said that since his character was growing in size therefore, he too would like to put on some more muscle.

Taylor also added a word of caution saying that “If you constantly pound your muscles, they’ll never have time to repair”. When asked about why he cut down cardio, he said that he had been exercising very hard and thus had started loosing weight.

Taylor’s abs are not only the center of attraction in the movie “New Moon”, but it took the limelight during the recent episode of the show with Jimmy Fallon, who asked a blushing K-Stew about Lautner’s workout schedule.

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