Steven Ward

Love guru Steven Ward is back on the show tonight to give us some more dating advice! Season 2 of Steven's Vh1 show Tough Love begins this weekend, and he's got a new book out with his mom, JoAnn Ward, called Crash Course in Love. Since Steven's got so much advice to give, here are some of the questions I'm hoping he'll answer on tonight's show:

* What should I wear on a first date? The LED dress or thong jeans?

* How do I ask a guy out on a date? Write it on his Facebook wall, or on his bathroom wall while he's in the shower?

* What's the best way to get a man's attention at the laundromat? Folding my underwear really obviously, or folding HIS underwear really obviously?

Here's hoping for a very informative interview! Tough Love 2 premieres on Sunday. In the meantime, you can keep track of Steve's every move on his Twitter feed.


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