Shaniya Davis Oprah

Shaniya Davis Oprah:

Shaniya Davis Oprah, Shaniya Davis funeral, Shaniya Davis cause of death. Shaniya Davis father appeared on Oprah Winfrey show giving so far unknown details about the gruesome murder of his little five year old daughter.

It was outpouring of emotions of a father who has been devastated with the most horrible killing of his daughter Shaniya Davis.
Police have filed additional charges in gruesome murder of five year old child Shaniya Davis. The main accused Mario Andrette McNeill has additionally been charged with raping and choking the five-year-old Shaniya Davis to death, said the Fayetteville Police.

Police said McNail confessed to have picked up Davis from her Fayetteville home and took her to a hotel in Sanford and that they found hair, fiber, clothes and a straw from his Mitsubishi Galant. However, when and where the murder took place hasn’t been revealed yet.

McNail, 29, was initially charged with kidnapping Davis whose body was found lying off a Sanford road on Monday.

The girl who had been missing for a week was last seen alive in his company in a CCTV video captured at the hotel.

Davis’ mother Antoinette Davis was already charged for child trafficking and felony child abuse.

Police Chief Tom Bergamine didn’t disclose any further information on the girl’s 25-year-old mother.

Davis’ body was found after around 310 people searched over 459 acres of land in 5 hours. Many more turned up to join the search but had to be turned away for fear of safety hazards, said Shane Seagroves, Director of Lee County Emergency Management.

In the meantime people are shocked over the abduction and murder of Shaniya Davis. Deanna says, “When I hold my nearly 5 year old daughter-looking into her innocent eyes-I noted that she's the exact height and weight of Shaniya. How could any human being cause that kind of harm to a child? We know, with the evidence of the video that a monster had her, turned himself in and confessed.

His guilt cannot be questioned. IF he is the primary source saying the mother sold the child as sex slave, I think we should wait to pass judgment on the mother. If she did sell her child, she should remain behind bars for life”.

She further says, “Our society needs to stop child po*nography and any other form of pornography/media that feeds depraved individuals so that they seek the innocent to force their sick will upon. When you look on news websites the word sexy dots the page.."Jennifer Aniston showing off her sexy bikini bod..." etc... Why is this so prevalent in the news?! Why do little girls take dance classes and dress "sexy" for performances and make provocative moves and we applaud? Why do tiny beauty pageant contestants wear make-up, "sexy hair", revealing dresses and strut?! Why are victims of sexual predators such as Shaw Hornbeck called into question on major news networks (Bill Jack A O'Rielly)?! Why does Hollywood rally to Roman Polanski's aid when he "groomed" and raped a 13 year old girl and never served jail time?!

Why are stories about Scott Peterson, Octomom, Kate Plus 8 covered by the media more than children-perhaps a thousand- that were sold in a basement in an affluent suburban home in Atlanta? Why when we see a young girl on the street corner, do we think she's chosen that life? Why when a parent abuses a child their child, the child is taken to "protective" custody but the parent still walks free, yet someone serves jail time for marijuana possession (which I am not condoning)”!


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