Shaniya Davis cause of death Asphyxiation

Shaniya Davis cause of death Asphyxiation:

Asphyxiation was the the cause of death for poor Shaniya Davis and the five year old girl was raped, according to autopsy reports. Mario Andrette McNeil has been charged with rape and first degree murder in addition to first degree kidnapping charges. The additional charges were made public in a press conference that took place at 8:00.

Since the last few days, suspicion had arisen that Shaniya’s mother Antoinette Nicole Davis had given her daughter to Mario McNeil as a way to pay off unresolved debts. However those allegations were not addresses during the press conference, though it was stated that the authorities would continue to follow those suspicion and continue to follow and that they were a part of the investigation.

A prayer is being planned for residents of the Sleepy Hollow Mobile Home Park where Shaniya Davis lived with her biological mother Antoinette Davis.

What is Asphyxiation?

Asphyxia is a condition of severely deficient supply of oxygen to the body that arises from being unable to breathe normally. An example of asphyxia is choking.


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