Rihanna neck tattoo

Rihanna neck tattoo, American Music Awards 2009 performers and 'will smith dead' rumors. Rihanna’s neck tattoo is making waves on the internet. It is among the top internet searches this morning.
The tattoo on music sensation’s neck looked great as the twenty two year old walked out of the American Music Award ceremony after her scintillating performance.

Right now she is hogging all the limelight as the bad memories of the assault by her former boyfriend Chris Brown fade from the public memory.

Her performance began with a well rehearsed dramatic voice that gelled well with her later performance.

She was certainly among the best performance of the night and won the hearts of viewers who were in attendance and who watched the show on their television sets.

Meanwhile the internet is going mad with the rumors of Will Smith’s death.

Rumors were running thick and fast that the great actor died in a car accident.

But this was nothing but a mere rumor and he did not have any accident and is hale and hearty. We wish him all the best.

credit: http://www.khabrein.info

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