Memorex 720p HD Mini Camcorder

Memorex 720p HD Mini Camcorder:

Perhaps the best thing about Memorex 720p HD Mini Camcorder is its very attractive and user friendly shape. Unlike other camcorders, it’s very easy to build a grip around it shape. Given the pricing Memorex 720p HD Mini Camcorder is a good choice.

Memorex camcorder features good resolution, that dramatically improves the picture quality, while making the editing easy both at pro and amateur levels. 5 MP CMOS sensor, which is responsible for all the efficiency behind a better and convenient imaging and filming.

To make it possible to carry the camera around without having to empty the memory again and again Memorex camcorder comes with a SDHC card reader. Obviously the camcorder comes with all goodies like MP3 player, digital out etc. Motion sensor auto starts the recording mode. Most of all the Memorex 720p HD Mini Camcorder also has a night capturing mode which makes the device ideal to be taken along when you are going on picnics.

Reasonable 8X digital zoom. No need to manually adjust the camcorder for low light, sunny, or inside the room condition, it automatically checks the light intensity and adjusts accordingly. The Memorex 720p HD Mini Camcorder supports AVI (video), JPG, WAV, MP3 formats. USB 2.0 makes it easier to attach the device with P.C. The price tag has been set at $140 and at sales the camcorder is available at a throwaway price %50.00 only. The $50 is the reason behind the recent popularity of the device.


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