Lupe Fiasco Enemy of the State

Lupe Fiasco Enemy of the State:

"The last six months, it's been like, 'I gotta really, really go out there and show that I'm nicer than all of them,' " Lupe said.

"It's like, 'All right, so be it. If it takes three more albums to do it, then so be it.' That's what I got left with Atlantic. Three more after Lasers. I'm already done with two. The mixtape is coming Thanksgiving. It'll be another mixtape after that and an album after that.

It's really to get that status and lock it in and [and have people] be like, 'Look at this positive dude, the underdog. The positive one who came and murdered all these dudes. And he's there, and he's good.' "

There you have it from Lupe himself as now the mixtape is expected for release on Thanksgiving (as opposed to the day earlier, the 25th). Nonetheless, it's another reason to be thankful this week and I applaud Lupe's ambition to be considered the best. I don't doubt he'll follow through on all this, barring label politics that he seems to have dealt with during this long delay since The Cool released back in 2007. And I'm curious to see if there will be anyone who will explicitly challenge Lupe once the mixtapes/albums come out.. but that's just forward thinking, haha.

Down below, Charles Hamilton is back! The much-criticized, controversial, yet talented NYC rapper took some time off of the scene to come back with some full ammo and today, he let go the first shot. His boldness hasn't gone anywhere as he raps "Top 5 rappers, I'm not feelin'". The infectious beat has a triumphant effect, perfect for a 'comeback' track so to speak. I'm not in love w/ the track but I am diggin' it and curious to see how the people who love to hate him react.

There's some more tracks to be had with T.I. comin' through with another banger that'll register with you even more if you're feelin' the hate right now. Nard & B did a nice job on the boards and the hook is the best part otherwise. Raekwon also goes in on the "Angels" beat (shouts 2 X), Canibus & DZK release a random, NOT well-received diss toward Eminem (shouts 2 2db), and more from Wiz Khalifa & Curren$y, Jim Jones & Maino, and R&B's J. Holiday. Videos shine on Melanie Fiona, Mike Posner, Chip Tha Rip, and Wyclef Jean. Enjoy!

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