Hobnocker Definition

Hobnocker Definition:

So here is to the curious about the standard definition of a Hobnocker. To put it in some basic terms, a Hobnocker would be just a weird, awkward, strange person without following many of the social norms.

Many are wondering about the definition of a Hobnocker. As many claim, Nickelodeon is where this term first steamed. From doing a little research, a "hobnocker" by definition would be "a hobo or tramp or one who roamed around, assuming little responsibility and just getting by," this definition is according to some further research found on http://www.techbanyan.com/3565/hobnocker/.

It turns out that it could have many definitions but it seems to be just a internet phenomenon that is creating many baffled internet viewers. Feel free to add your definition of a Hobnocker.

credit: http://www.gather.com

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