Google Headquarters

Google Headquarters:

These days there is a lot of talk about the Google Chrome Operating System. A year from now the stuff will hit the market, but experts say it will at least take 10 years before it begins to see serious enterprise adoption.

It has generated a lot of debate. IDC analyst Al Hilwa has a different take on the whole subject. He said it would take some hard selling from Google. Besides, it won’t be easy for its partners to get on netbooks, hard disk-less machines from Asus, Dell, HP and others that let users access Web applications.

Google Vice President of Product Management Sundar Pichai demonstrated the stuff at the Chrome OS launch to open source. It was showed how Chrome OS can boot in seven seconds.

That is great. It is extremely faster loading than Microsoft Windows and Apple's Mac OS X operating systems. So the question that is upsetting competitors in the industry is how has the Google managed to do this? Analysts say the target has achieved by removing or consolidating the boot processes in Chrome OS, which seems super lightweight.

Some consumers will welcome Google’s move of updating in the cloud for Chrome OS netbook users without giving them the choice. But this won’t go down well with the enterprises.


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