Glee Hairography Full Episode

Glee Hairography Full Episode:

(S01E11) Distractions abounded in this latest episode of Glee. Most of the characters were causing distraction or being distracted from the situation at hand, and we were back to most of the soapy aspects of the show. Teri and Quinn were both thinking about the baby, and Will and Finn remained as in the dark as ever. More on that and other complications after the jump.

Will learned a lot about New Directions competition. The Jane Adams Academy bad girls were hot dancers. When Will invited them for a scrimmage, their version of "Can You Handle This?" was impressive, although I agree with Rachel, it was a lot of hairography, i.e. a technique to distract from the singing and dancing. Yes, they all did splits (even the heavy girls!), but what was Will thinking when he decided to fight fire with fire?

The "Crazy in Love"/"Hair" mashup was energetic, but the wigs were out of character for the McKinley glee kids. Ironically, they were more at home joining in with the Haverbrook kids when they did John Lennon's "Imagine."

Meanwhile, on the soap front, Quinn continued to be a vexing character. Is she as shallow as she seems, or is there something there? She wanted to test drive Puck, thus making a deal with Kurt to have him give Rachel a makeover. But she also was sincerely thinking of her baby.

Of course, Rachel could stand a makeover. That blue pantsuit made her look like one of The Golden Girls. But I didn't care for Kurt being bitchy. It was a gay cliche, a la Mark on Ugly Betty. It's a stereotype, especially since his reason for undermining Rachel with Finn is because he loves Finn, too. This could have been done in a more clever, more original way. I expect more from Kurt.

Puck and Quinn's baby-sitting gig was illuminating; they do get along well. But, really, did you buy that those three little boys would sit still for an unplugged version of "Papa Don't Preach"? I loved Quinn's rendition, but the scene wasn't real.

The same holds with the choir director of Haverbrook being so deaf that every word out of Will's mouth was misinterpreted. It played like an old Abbott & Costello sketch, and it wasn't funny.

So now we know that Teri's keeping Will away in bed, denying intimacy. with a wall of pillows. At least she recognized that her actions are keeping her away from Will when she wants the baby to bring them closer. There's hope for Teri, but her sister is pure evil.

In the end, Quinn's decision to give Teri the baby came straight from her heart. After her own father threw her out, Quinn wants her daughter to have something better. That would be Will -- not Finn or Puck. "A girl really needs a good father."

As for the sectionals, Sue has her diabolical plan in motion ... if Haverbrook and Jane Adams do as she suggested. But New Directions' last number was not on the song list. "True Colors" sung simply on stools, could be their ace in the hole.

Other points of interest:

-- After the makeover, Finn tells Rachel that she looks like "a sad clown hooker." Are there clown hookers?

-- Kurt describes Rachel's room as Strawberry Shortcake meets Holly Hobbie.

-- To get Rachel to understand the need for a makeover, Kurt put it in musical comedy terms ... It was Grease, and Rachel needed to get Finn the way Sandy got Danny.

-- Oh, those kids! Sexting, sexy texting.


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