Donny Osmond Dancing With the Stars

Donny Osmond Dancing With the Stars:

Dancing With the Stars winner and Donny Osmond Dancing With the Stars winner trounces Mya. Finally Donny Osmond has won the finale of much hyped Dancing With the Stars trouncing favorite Mya. Many had already said that Mya had won the show even when the results were not out.

But this has disappointed many of the diehard fans of Mya, the best and the most consistent performer of the season.

Many think that Mya has been robbed off the award that she deserved.

Mike a big Mya fans says, “I am disappointed with the final outcome. While Donny did a great job, Mya was almost flawless throughout the show and had several perfect scores along with the highest total points”.

He goes on to add, “Without doubt Mya should have been the winner and Joanna should have been in 2nd place. The winner is chosen by popularity”.

Donna says, “Very disappointed in that Donny Osmond was awarded the trophy. What happened to Mya being good throughout the competition as per Bruno and the other two judges? I don’t want to watch this show anymore as if the judging is based on popularity then why have dancing at all”!

She further says, “Very unfair and biased results... many of my friends share this opinion. Donny Osmond is only an entertainer and his dancing is nowhere near Mya. He only did well on the last show.... does he deserve the trophy for getting 30 marks in the whole season! Disgusting end to such a wonderful show, we are not impressed...”

A disappointed commenter on television channel says, “Let's be honest this has never been a show about the best dancer or Mario, Gilles, and Mel B would have won. It is who is the most entertaining and likable and that is why Emmitt, Helio and now Donny will win”.

Donny Osmond is a singer, musician, actor and former teen idol. Osmond has also been a talk show and game show host, record producer, race car driver, and author.

He is known for being half of the brother-sister singing act Donny & Marie and a member of the "Osmond Brothers" singing group. From 1991-1997 he played Joseph in the Canadian production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.

Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber, impressed by his talents and the show's long run, chose Osmond to do the film version in 1999.

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