Dexter Season 4 Episode 9

Dexter Season 4 Episode 9:

Dexter was filled with little twists and big surprises last night. What an episode! I seriously cannot wait for next week to see what happens because there was so many questions raised. Where do I even start? As has been the case over the past couple weeks, I guess I’ll begin with the more mundane developments.

A decade ago, Batista promised a man that he would find his wife’s killer and, after the culprit is finally brought into the station, Batista visits the man only to find him in a vegetative state in the hospital. It reminded Batista that life is too short so he declared his love for LaGuerta, saying it loud enough for anyone to hear. I guess he’s not worried about any disciplinary action from the brass. If they got married, wouldn’t their relationship be a non-issue in the department?dexter thanksgiving_2

It’s Thanksgiving and everyone is getting ready to celebrate. Dexter wants to check on Trinity so he tells Rita that he’s got some police work to handle to explain his absence. He promises to be back for dinner, though, leaving her with the flirty neighbor, Elliott. Deb and Masuka are also at the Morgan’s home for the holiday and, unfortunately, Masuka has the misfortune of seeing Elliott kissing Rita through a window. Since he’s fairly close to Dexter, I’m sure he’s going to have a hard time keeping that to himself. Rita definitely kissed him back until she came to her senses and broke away.

Quinn and his nasty reporter girlfriend, Christine, spend the holiday together but not before she has what seems like a heartfelt moment with Deb. She tells Deb that she’s so sorry for what she’s gone through and sympathizes about the detective’s misfortune of watching the man that she loves taking his last breath. Deb thinks nothing of it until later she realizes that she never told anyone about that horrible moment. Deb calls Quinn to ask if he’s told Christine about any of it and he says no so she realizes that Christine must have some other reason for knowing about it.

Trinity/Arthur is not expecting Dexter to show up for Thanksgiving dinner which meant that his son, Jonah, never mentioned inviting him. The atmosphere is really tense, especially after Jonah reveals that his father’s dexter thanksgivingcar was damaged while in his possession. The whole family is completely nuts but things get really out of hand after Arthur breaks Jonah’s finger and they fight at the dinner table.

Arthur complains that no one says that they are grateful to have him in their lives and Jonah loses it. He starts breaking things, including the urn holding Vera’s ashes. Arthur goes nuts and attacks Jonah and, after no one does anything to break it up, Dexter takes off his belt, loops it around Arthur’s neck and drags him into the kitchen. He grabs a knife and just when he says “I should have killed you when I had a chance” the family barges in and the wife and daughter run to Arthur’s side protectively. So weird… Dexter leaves and goes home for dinner.

Rita acts as though nothing has happened and doesn’t tell him about kissing Elliott and, as they are sitting down to eat, Cody says that he’s thankful for Dexter. This brings a smile to our favorite serial killer’s face, of course.

The big twist, though, comes after Quinn says goodnight to Christine. He leaves her at her apartment and when there’s a knock on the door, she assumes it’s Quinn but it’s not – Trinity is standing there at the door when she opens it. She greets him by saying “hey dad” so, of course, this is an important revelation. It ties in with Deb’s suspicions earlier. Maybe Christine is the one who shot her.


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