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Fitness in Milwaukee is important, which anyone can tell just by checking out the local gyms. And everyone in Milwaukee seems to have an iPod these days. And while fitness programs are already hooked up with iTunes, a new one is on the horizon. And this one involves a little Hip-Hop as well. Rapper David Banner is joining the league of rappers with their hands in technology deals. He is partnering up with fitness company PumpOne, to create a new application for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

It will give fans access to the insight Banner learned as he went on his weight loss adventure. The application will be titled, "David Banner's Workout or Die," and it will feature videos of workouts that Banner found helpful and various tools to help maintain a healthy lifestyle. In addition to that, Banner can record streaming videos whenever he wants for the application and fans who have it will get the videos at no extra cost. Banner said a friend gave him the idea to do the application due to his fans major interest in how he lost so much weight.

Banner's inspiration to lose weight was more common, health issues. Prior to his weight loss, Banner was pushing about over 255 pounds and had: high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and was on the brink of becoming a diabetic as well. How much trouble he was in due to his weight, was brought to his attention after the rapper was in a motorcycle accident. The physician he saw was more concerned about his blood pressure and weight then his injuries. From that point on, Banner changed his lifestyle around and would go on to lose a whopping 60 pounds in just three months. His high blood pressure was found to be genetic but his other issues went away.

PumpOne is a serious fitness company that creates interactive resources as well as traditional resources to help people with fitness. This will be their second application with iTunes, their first dropped in 2008. The company also has deals with major fitness media outlets like: Men's Health, Women's Health, and more. Banner's application will be available for fans in early 2010. No further details such as pricing or anything has been released at this time. Should anything further drop, I'll do an update.

credit: http://www.examiner.com

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