Dancing with the Stars Results November 17

Dancing with the Stars Results November 17:

Dancing with the Stars had some serious chaos on the side of the dance floor tonight where cameras weren't rolling. When Kelly Osborne was looking into the camera awaiting her fate, while millions waited too, her mother Sharon Osbourne couldn't look at her daughter. Hiding her face in her hand, Sharon appeared to be holding her breath waiting on her daughter's decision.

The decision between Joanna Krupla and Kelly Osbourne had both of Kelly Osbourne's parents tied in knots. Literally grasping Sharon's hand, Ozzy didn't move a muscle until after the decision was announced and even then just looked up in disbelief. His daughter was still in the Dancing with the Stars Competition.

Not only did the Osborne's respond, so did the live studio audience. In total agreement the fans jumped off their seats and went insane clapping, screaming, and expressing their enthusiasm in an intense moment.

The response of Kelly after the show ended extended even further when she ran up and hugged her mom. Then she hugged her father, embracing for a moment until he gently touched her cheek in a father daughter moment.

Kelly Osbourne will return for the last Dancing with the Stars show, the final step to the trophy.

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