Curb Your Enthusiasm s07e10

Curb Your Enthusiasm s07e10:

Last night saw the season 7 finale of “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” and it may have been the episode that many fans had been waiting for. And the reason why they may have been waiting for this episode was because it was a Seinfeld reunion show.

The episode, which was episode 10 and called “Seinfeld,” opened up on George Costanza (Jason Alexander) and Cheryl, filming a scene in the infamous Seinfeld coffee shop. When the scene was over, Cheryl asked Larry to “practice lines” with her.

Larry then bumped into Mocha Joe, who was a bit upset that Larry didn’t tip him. Joe then told Larry to do a favour for him to “get even.” The favor he done for Mocha Joe made Larry late for his date with Cheryl, who then told him not to come over.

At rehearsals the next morning, Larry found out that Jason went over to practice lines with Cheryl instead. Larry then got suspicious of Jason’s car and when he opened the door, he released Jason’s dogs by mistake, leaving them to go after Joe.

Larry is then seen watching the reunion on TV, when the doorbell rang and it was Cheryl at the door. She then told Larry that she quit as it wasn’t the same without him. They are just about to kiss, when Larry notices Cheryl has made a ring on his table.


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