Brooks Perlin

Brooks Perlin:

Here are pictures of Kate Couric’s boyfriend Brooks Perlin. LALATE first broke Brooks Perlin as Kate Couric’s boyfriend in June. Perlin is financier Sanford Perlin’s son.

Couric and Perlin, 35, showed up together at the White House State Dinner Tuesday. Tonight’s very public appearance for Couric and Perlin compares to a 2007 quote by Sanford Perlin that the two are “private people and I respect that”.

It’s also been quite a media week for Couric who on Monday was pictured for her dancing skills, ironically 24 hours before the Dancing with the Stars finale.

In June 2009, Couric without naming Perlin, joked at the annual Class Day address in Princeton before the school’s Tigers: “I’ve been called a cougar lately … but today … I’m very happy to be an honorary Tiger instead!”

Couric also reportedly kidded about Sarah Palin: “Coming here was a real no brainer! After all, I can see New Jersey from my house!”

Sanford told FOX of the Couric Brooks relationship in 2007, when Perlin was 33: “These are two private people and I respect that” .

Hi mom Anne Perlin wouldn’t comment then, only stating: “I don’t believe in any meddling in people’s personal lives. It’s a lovely story and I hope we don’t ruin it.”

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