Brady Quinn Cheap Shot

Brady Quinn Cheap Shot:

The Baltimore Ravens hobbled out of Browns Stadium with an unattractive, but much-needed win.

Cleveland's Josh Cribbs left in an ambulance.

Scoring two touchdowns in a 17-second span in the third quarter, the Ravens shook off a hideous start and defeated the hapless Browns 16-0 on Monday night in a game marred by two injury-causing hits that could lead to fines and future bad blood between the AFC North rivals.

On the final play, Cribbs was drilled under the chin by Ravens defensive end Dwan Edwards after lateraling. Cribbs, Cleveland's top playmaker, laid motionless near midfield for several minutes as players from both teams, who had come out to shake hands, knelt in prayer.

Cribbs' facemask was removed and he was strapped to a board and carted from the field. Still wearing his helmet, he was taken to a hospital for further tests. Browns coach Eric Mangini said the measures were precautionary and reported Cribbs had movement and feeling in his arms and legs.

"Hopefully, it's not too serious," Browns rookie wide receiver Mohamed Massaquoi said. "He's a tough guy and we're going to make sure he comes back as the same old Josh."

Edwards insisted he wasn't trying to hurt Cribbs and that he wasn't looking for retribution on Cleveland quarterback Brady Quinn, who earlier had delivered a questionable chop block to the right knee of Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs following an interception.

"I was just hustling to the ball," Edwards said. "He had just pitched it and I reacted. It wasn't him that hit Suggs."

Why the Browns were still trying to gain yardage despite being down 16 points and having no chance to win puzzled the Ravens (5-4) and the few Browns fans who stayed 'til the bitter end.

Baltimore defensive end Trevor Pryce questioned Mangini's motive in running a dangerous play with the game out of reach.

"With five seconds left in the game, and you're down 16-0, to throw a hook-and-lateral, what's the point of that?" Pryce said. "I'm not trying to question their coaching, it's none of my business. But you see what the result was. People are running around crazy and someone is going to get hurt."

Quinn's hit on Suggs in the third quarter had Ravens linebacker Ray Lewis questioning the quarterback's motives. Lewis accused Quinn of a dirty play.

"Heck yeah it was a cheap shot," he snapped. "When you're running down and you're looking at the quarterback going at somebody's knees who doesn't even have the ball. I want to see if he gets the same fine I got or even higher. Now this man (Suggs) is out four or five weeks because of some baloney like that.


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