Anaheim hills Fire

Anaheim hills Fire:

Late Tuesday night on 10 pm at Anaheim hills, a destructing fire blown up; it’s so fast that burned the 35 acres in just half an hour from the time when it started to blow. Roads have been blocked because of the humidity of the fire. Hundreds of firemen reached to the spot and started to putt it off, but even yet they have not controlled it.

Hot winds are also containing the ashes and coals that can lead to spot fire. NWS officials also informed that humidity level will touch the single digit this night.

At Santiago bound Canyon road has been closed from both the northern and southern directions. While rest of freeway is open for the traffic. Burning winds are blowing with a great pace of 53 meters per hour. Still the fire is existing in eastern part but it can reach in the middle of the region. Residents of the area have also been advised that they may have to leave the area because the fire is rushing towards the residential area.

Spokesman narrated that firefighters are really performing excellent efforts to put off the nasty fire and soon they would be able to control it. She also detailed to the media that the fire fighters are trying to keep the fire away from the west direction because there is residential area. Fire staff making efforts to turn the fire in the eastern part.

Currently there is no threat to the residents but it’s the probability if the fire crews would not manage the fire keep in the east, definitely the people of the area will have to migrate somewhere away from Anaheim Hills.


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