Russell Hantz

Russell Hantz:

Russell Hantz is the Survivor Samoa Sprint Player of the Season, but not the winner, which is upsetting many fans. But he will go down as the best player in history, hands down. Check out his pictures, and read more about him and his oil company here.

Russell Hantz is not the Survivor winner, but he was voted the Survivor Samoa Sprint Player of the Season by fans. From day one this guy came to play, and nothing was going to stop him.

Like many people, I started off hating Russell, he was so shady, scandalous, and man, he told some gnarly lies! But after her completely started dominating the show, making all the decisions, and pretty much narrating the show, we got to see this guy just wanted to really play the game hard. I had to respect his game.

To me, and many others, he deserved to win. He played harder than I have ever seen anyone play this game, and I rooted for him on each show. It was amazing to watch someone completely rule the game, it is something no one had done before. I watch every season, and this was by far, the most enjoyable. He put Johnny Fair Play to shame.

But the cast is filled with Bitter Betty’s that are mad that they didn’t make it to the end. So instead of saying, “Congrats, you Outwit, Outlast, Outplayed me,” they gave the money to the blonde chick who rode his coat tail. BS if you ask me.

There is a rumor that Russell Hantz will be on the Survivor Season 20, Heroes VS. Villain’s, so let’s hope for that. He is the ultimate villain!

As far as a biography on Russel, here is what we know. He is a 36-year-old married father of four. He stands at 5’6” and is solid muscle. He owns his own oil company, believed to be called Hantz tankering service. Russell Hantz’s oil company has made him a multimillionaire.

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February 14, 2012 at 9:58 AM

survivor seasons 19 and 20 are by far the best 2 seasons in survivor history because of russell hantz!hey,the game is outwit,outplay and outlast,that's what russell done in both seasons,but the juries were so jealous of his game play,they just screwed him both times.keep hope alive!....peace