Jesse Stone Series

Jesse Stone Series:

If you enjoyed seeing Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone in the CBS movie Thin Ice, then you'll want to check out the other movies in the series.

The movies are based on the detective novels of Robert B Parker and can be purchased on or at any book store.

The first movie, Stone Cold, was released in 2005, and that was followed by Jesse Stone: Night Passage in 2006 and Death in Paradise later that year. Sea Change aired in 2007 and now we have Thin Ice which originally aired in March 2009. You can also purchase all of the Jesse Stone movies on DVD through Amazon.

Next year, we'll see two more Jesse Stone movies, No Remorse and Innocents Lost. For more information, visit Robert B. Parker's website.

Tom Selleck may be known as Magnum P.I. to many of us, but he's really making a name for himself as Jesse Stone. Now if only they could make it a weekly series!

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April 20, 2013 at 3:03 PM

I saw one of the Jesse Stone films on tv and bought them all from USA (complete series not available in UK) and find it difficult not to watch them time and time again.
Now hooked on the books but the films are better: whoever thought up Reggie should be given an award.